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Barry Irby
I looked at that idea, but my saw is a contractors saw and the entire back side is open. Looked at blocking most of it off, but the motor swings to make bevel cuts and I knew I would HATE having to remove the cover every time I wanted to make a bevel cut. So I enclosed the blade in what could be a cereal box and brought the duct out the front so the blast gate would be near the switch and easy to reach. In spite of the fact that mine is only a 1 1/2 hp dust collector it works really well getting at least 95% of the dust, except this time when the cut was really deep.

I considered suing a shop vac to suck the dist out of the gullets at a 90 degree angle or maybe a nozzle from the air compressor to blow it out, but it generally works well enough that I quit scheming.

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