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Repairing broken wood parts.

Keith Newton
Rather than just adding this to Barry’s thread below, I thought I would share a tip.
Whenever Wood gets broken across the grain, sometimes when your lucky you can carefully fit the ends back together where the fibers fit just like they were before they broke. However that isn’t very often. Usually there are some fibers that came loose from both ends, or some that try to bend into the wrong space.

Once I’ve tried fitting things together a couple of times, the problem spots are easy to spot, so rather than trying to make them fit, I just carefully remove the bad ones, either with tweezers or a fine sharp blade.

It’s much better to loose a few strands of fiber, than to have them prevent all the others from making good contact. I can’t tell you how many bad repair jobs I’ve seen where there was lots of glue in I’ll fitting breaks.

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