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Over the blade dust pick up question????

Barry Irby
I have a Rockwell Contractors saw (think Delta) from back in the day. About fifteen years ago I added dust collection. I made a "shroud" that surrounds the blade below the table and is hooked to the DC through a four inch line. It works very well most of the time almost eliminating the dust coming off the top of the blade. I can tell from the wind on my face if I fail to turn it on. Don't want and over the blade pickup because my shop is small and already an obstacle course. Now that you have some background....

The other day I was ripping some 2" thick oak with a Freud Glue line rip blade. The blade was set about a tooth about the wood. It was spewing dust so badly I checked to be sure the DC was on, then checked to see if it was stopped up and then checked again. Finished that, lowered the blade, and went back to ripping one inch stock and the problem went away. At least 90% of it did and the blade was only spewing about 10% as much as with 2" stock. This is the only time I thought I really need and over the blade pickup. So, what's the deal? Does the thicker stock not allow the dust to exit the gullets on the bottom? (It's a ten inch blade)

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