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Hand tool storage....?

Barry Irby
I have something of a lull in my shop work so I have been trying to reorganize. I have drawers full of tools, both hand tools and portable power tools. My habit has been to lay whatever tool I just used on the bench and leave it there until next time. I don't have the habit of putting them back in the drawer every time. I am trying to figure out a better approach. I tried a cart sitting in the floor, but it's too much in the way. (Tiny shop). I have become conscience of the repetitive nature of some things. (Open the drawer, get out the chisel, close the drawer, use the chisel, open the drawer, put the chisel away, close the drawer. Rinse and repeat.)

I am considering some sort of wall display. Maybe on the exterior of a door to a cabinet yet to be built. At least that would leave the tools in sight and eliminate all the opening and closing of drawers.

I have moved my portable power tools to a shelf on the side of what passes for a work bench. I put the shop vac under the bench/cart. Thought that was going to be better than sitting them on the floor but now they get showered with saw dust. May have to rethink.

What do you do with the often used tools? Any suggestions?

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