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Interesting rope bed joinery - PICS

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
The bed pictured here was my parents. They used as long as long as I can remember.
I'm in the processes of fixing it up and trying to do the least amount of damage to it.
It will be set up in a spare room and rarely used.

The headboard is pretty solid with fairly tight joints. I don't plan on trying to take it apart as I likely would break something. :b

The footboard literally fell apart. I didn't have to bang anything for it to come apart.

Take a look at the way the bottom rail on the footboard (and I presume headboard) attaches to the posts. It's threaded.
I've never seen this. Was this common? How would this have been assembled I wounder if it's threaded?

The threaded bits just fall out of the threaded socket. I know it's been like that for years. No idea how they slept in it.

Question for you all, without pouring a bunch of epoxy into the socket and sticking all back together, any suggestions on how I could assemble this back together AND make it repairable in the future?

Another question, anybody have a clue or guess on the age of this bed?



Treaded rail

Threaded socket in post 1

Threaded socket in post 2

Rope peg

Added hardware sometime in its life

Socket and hardware

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