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Lyon ( Mitre Trimmer

Gary Smyth
For those who have or used a guillotine style miter trimmer.
Is there any advantage to having one?

I made a commitment over the holidays to adapt twenty frames for artwork. Some are painted wood with a gloss finish, but three are antique oil painting ornate museum style frames that need to be reduced in size to approximately 20 x 24, 11x17, and 14 x 14. The widths vary from 1" to the better part of six inches. (The art is worth it!)

The museum frames are expensive, and, as yet unknown, if the frames are all carved or partly plaster.

I have decent chop and dovetail saws as well as a Dubby, but even with a newly sharpened circular blades, and tape, I'm feared of paint and finish chipping. (Tests on similar wood varies.) Hand sawing in this instance is not a good idea, as I'm not sufficiently capable at that. So far commercial frame shops have declined.

I'd like to help, but the risk is high and I'd rather walk away than to screw up. Should I consider a mitre trimmer? Thus far, YouTube is not helpful. How do museums do it?

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