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Making Bridle joint question?

Barry Irby
I thought I could standardize or mechanize making bridle joints. I have a tenoning jig. Practicing, I took some scraps, using a Frued glue line rip blade, height set to width of the pieces, cut the center out of the one piece by flipping it from face to face. Then I insert a spacer the thickness of the saw blade and cut the other piece the same way and then cut the cheeks off.

The idea was to standardize the process. It seems the trick is getting the spacer exactly the right thickness. If I cut the joint with a piece of blue tape on the spacer the joint is too loose. If I cut it without the tape the joint is too tight.

I have been fiddling with the setup, getting things more and more accurate and square. But there are inconsistencies. If I cut the joint too tight and then switch the spacer it comes out better than if I just cut it with the spacer in the alternate position to start with. I also seems the blade must chatter, the cheeks are not as perfectly flat as I would like.

My hope was to simplify making bridle joints. Eliminate the fiddling. Any suggestions? Any chance this is going to work out?

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