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Cleat Shelf Supports

John W Foster
I am about to build a split (divided) bookcase for my daughter. It will have a center divider to allow 2 banks of shelves each about 18" wide. She would like a basic traditional design, so I was going to use cleats to support the shelves, but I would also like the shelves to be adjustable. This raises several questions.
1) If I put a face frame on the sides and center piece that is wide enough to hide the cleats, that would mean that the shelves would have to be tilted left to right to clear the overlapping face frame when being adjusted , this would mean that there would be a minimum spacing required on the cleats so that the cleat above the desired one would not interfere with getting the shelf in the proper position. Brush up on my trig?
2) I don't recall seeing bookcases with several unused cleats between shelves, is this uncommon? The only effect I foresee is that it would hold the end book out from the sides.
3) Other than modern peg and hole or metal rail type shelf supports, is there another option I am overlooking?

Any ideas?



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