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Barry Irby
Can't contribute much but questions....

I think what your friend has is a "cookie".

If it is six inches thick and was air dried, I doubt it is completely dry. It will never be completely dry, but I am saying I doubt it has reached equilibrium. The one inch per year rule (which is not a rule anyway) does not apply because this piece is all end grain.

Most cookies crack and end up looking like someone took out a thin slice of pie.

You did not mention whether he coated the bottom side. Usually a good idea to treat both side equally. If he did not, it will continue to dry to the bottom and may warp and crack. Not sure what will happen if he coated both sides and it's still green.

With this much end grain and such short fiber length it may have dried more than a typical board. A shame he did not weight it before and after. OTOH, if that is a five foot diameter cookie and it's five or six inches thick, that is one heavy table top.

I am curious about this. I have a giant red oak tree that has been slabbed and is stacked and stickered in a shed, drying. Been drying about six months. At about a year I will try getting one or two slabs kiln dried. Maybe. Keep us posted on your friend's progress. I have actually heard one crack and I fear he may too.

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