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White stain under epoxy coating

Pete in Holland MI
This past weekend, I saw my friend's most recent project. He got his hands on a chunk of a red oak tree, about 5' in diameter and 6" thick. Basically looking down at the stump of a tree. It was cut about a year ago. He got the surface quite smooth with an electric hand planer, then proceeded to coat it with several layers of that pour-on epoxy type finish material that results in drips around the edges, and nearly a 1/8" thick coating.

Stunning table, but I fear he may wake up to a massive crack, as I feel the top is way too green yet. But....that's another concern.

The thing I am curious about is near the center/plinth of the tree, the epoxy coating has turned milky. I suspect it is moisture from the still green slice of the tree. Question this white milky condition permanent, or will this go away over a long period of time?

Your experience please ?

Thanx !

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