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Is wipe-on just diluted regular- No

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I set about to determine the % solids in Minwax Wipe-on. Make an aluminum tray and weigh it. Add varnish and weigh. Dry to constant weight, calculate.

Given the trivial task to determine this value it is misleading, purposely I presume, to claim in an MSDS that only a range is provided to disguise the actual value from prying competitors. But I digress.....

I am well into the evaporation with no need to continue. After over 15% of total weight loss (about 30% solvent loss) the varnish is still runny. It is this property that enables this product to be wiped on, spread and leveled even as solvent evaporates from the applied film.

A way to achieve this property, probably the only way, is to formulate with a low molecular weight resin component. Once the solvent is evaporated the resin can be formulated to react with oxygen and cross-link into a durable film.

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