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Pricing a Farm Table????

Barry Irby
Watched a few YouTube videos by The Homestead Craftsman making Farm house tables. Some of it is baffling. He skip Planes lumber and uses it for table tops. What? He uses 4 x 4's from the big box stores and turns them for legs. Spruce 2 x 6's for rails. Seems to have been selling these right along for years although I have not seen a current video.

Got me to wondering about selling a Farm Table. Then I looked on Craig's list. I was thinking $1500 or maybe as little as $1000, but Craig's list makes it look more like $400 or $500. At that price, I am out. What do you think would be a good price?

If you check out the homestead craftsman check out his glue up station for tops. I wish I had the room. And check out his lathe duplicator made out of an angle grinder.

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