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Another OT.....lawn mower questions

Barry Irby
I have a Honda lawn mower. A walk behind with a plastic Nexite deck. Its seven years old. The deck has crack on the left side and has a small triangular hole in the front. The deck has a Limited Lifetime warranty. Bought it at the big orange box. They were no help but sent me to the local service center. They charged me $43.50 to tell me they would not fix it because I bought it for my son and he later gave it to me when he moved. I called Honda and they said that does not matter take it to another service center. That one refused to fix it because I can't produce the original receipt. Home Depot is working on producing one from the archives.

So a couple of questions. Would you continue to pursue this?

If not, would you try to patch it? How? What will stick to whatever Nexite it?

If none of the above, what mower would you buy? I need a self propelled bagger version.

(I am of mixed feelings about this. The existing mower has cost me about $50 a year. It starts easily and does a good job. I just hate trashing stuff. The same HD has a similar Honda mower marked down at he end of the year, but I a skeptical of buying the same thing that failed.)

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