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Drill extension(?)

Tracy Routon
What I’ve always known as a drill extension living in the top of my father’s toolbox when I was a child now, some 50 years later, has my curiosity in an uproar. I’m employed at a machine shop in the Mid-West and recently disassembled a Makino A88 table. At re-assembly I knew I was going to need a drill extension to plant locater pins but had no worries because the same drill extension that lived in my father’s tool box now lived in mine. After successfully drilling all locater pin holes I was cleaning the drill extension and noticed some faint script. After clearing some of the age away I was super surprised to read “ PAT JUL 1909” then slightly below and just right of the patent declaration there is “No 5” stamped into the shank. A little more age clearing and more script, quite faint, I found the Manufacturer’s name: Millers Falls. I know a little about the company’s history yet know nothing about drill extensions. Unable to post pictures here, I’ll describe it as being 14.5” long with a mandrel type end that will accept nothing less than 1/4” bits. I’m thinking perhaps what I have is not a drill extension but a shank from one of Millers Falls hand drills, cut off at some point in time for whatever reason. Anyone care to elaborate or answer a few questions for me? Feel free to email me directly if you care to and I’ll gladly provide pictures there. Thank you to any who would help.

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