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Graphic design question

Rod Peterson—Ormond Beach, FL

I recently purchased a label maker, ostensibly for bride. However, when you have a new hammer, everything looks like a nail, and I have a ton of places in the shop that need labels. The first target is a couple of stacks of Craftsmen cabinets and chests, dressed out in the familiar red with silver handles.

I eagerly printed out a couple of labels, black lettering on white label, to identify my two drawers of nut drivers—one metric and one imperial. But before I had a chance to apply them, I happened across a YouTube video of someone who had done the same thing, although with black lettering on a clear background. On the drawers it looks like black lettering on the red background.

Before I commit all of my white labels to, er, labels, I want to get opinions. Should I print the labels on the clear tape or will I be better served with the much more contrasty black on white?


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