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David Yoho
I live in the Richmond, VA area in an outlying county. I can't say I've seen the same as you this year. The rear of our back yard joins a wooded area that belongs to the 6-acre property behind ours. Our back yard has a beech tree, a maple, a poplar, and two sycamores. Of those five, the beech begins dropping leaves first and continues until spring. The poplar comes next and has already dropped all its leaves. The maple and the sycamores start about midway of the poplar. The sycamores are usually last to lose all their leaves with the exception of the beech. Then there's a beech at the edge of the woods that hasn't even started dropping leaves yet. Must be something about its location - I don't know.

Those trees follow the same "schedule" every year with the exception of a few years back when we had a very dry summer and all the trees dumped their leaves quickly. I've learned it's easier if I blow them more frequently than letting them build up. My backpack blower will handle them either way but I find it takes less time if I stay on top of things. To me it seems like the volume of leaves is about the same as previous years.

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