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Re: intro to productivity software...

david weaver
..starts in first or second grade at school here. The "learn to code" initiatives give them a very tiny taste of coding about a year after the kids learn to read.

It's not like they're writing macros or billing hours as part of class, but they do have to put together something very basic in each type of software (a brief slideshow with content for powerpoint).

I worry about kids' ability to focus as internet use has probably damaged mine, but I guess it's just a generational thing - they won't be taking "typing" class as a mandatory thing in 9th grade like we had to. I don't know if they'd have the attention span for it - a full semester of doing nothing but typing drills and computerized speed and accuracy tests.

Guessing that an 11 year-old girl these days is going to be "full sized" within about 2 years, so you can find plenty of guidance on proportions from just about anywhere.

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