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considering the alternative

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
1. Spend $500 for an Ikea desk. In use within days. Instead of being in the shop I get to watch TV or listen to what passes for "news". Somewhere down the road it gets donated to Goodwill.

2. Granddaughter and I build a desk she designed, and for essentially no cost. I have all the materials on hand. Given her enthusiasm for previous builds she will treasure it forever. She will have it before school is out, but not before Christmas. It is deer season and the shop is idle.

I intend to make it in 4 parts- two ranks of drawers, a top and the storage unit that sits on the top. It will lend to future versatility and ease of moving. I began making similar desks decades ago, crudely for my tools and skills were limited. Yet one of these ancient ranks of drawers now sits painted in a daughter's kitchen in its 4th or 5th reincarnation. Two others are in use in a sewing room.

Another alternative. A good friend, the one that built the magnificent mahogany secretary in the Gallery, built a chest of drawers for a granddaughter. The quality is similar to the secretary, like awesome, but less elegant design that would appeal to modern tastes. The granddaughter decided after it was built that she didn't want it after all. Now that is a very sad tale.

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