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I spent some time sawmilling today *LINK*

Keith Newton
There was a burly old Bois-D'Arc in front of an apartment building in our historic neighborhood that somebody decided to take down. I've known this tree for about 40 years, so when I drove by and saw most of it on the ground, I knew I wanted some of it. I just finished sawing a 9' log that had a slight bow, and lots of burls or bumps. Due to the weight and sitting down on the bed of the mill, I didn't bother clamping it down. I would have to saw in until one side or the other would bump, then lever it over to clear the guide, then back on the other side, but managed to keep all of the natural edge on both sides. This should make some nice Nakashima-ish tables or benches.

Also, I think I have mentioned being friends with Dave Stahle the Dendrochronologist up at the U of Arkansas. I was just watching this video of he and his crew doing a study along the Black R of NC. If you like working with wood, you ought to learn all you can about the trees that make it for you.

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I spent some time sawmilling today *LINK*
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