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Don Evans
There is a big difference in it just working AND it working and being more safe.
Polarity is a safety feature and the toaster doesn't need it to work but safer is better, right!
Here is what you need to know about polarity.
On the plug that goes to the wall outlet the smaller prong is the HOT and the wider prong is common.
The wire that you connect to the smaller prong should go to the on - off switch in the toaster first. The switch is normally incorporated with the push down handle, so you'll have to study the mechanical workings of the handle to determine how it turns the toaster on and off.
The common wire will just go where the other old wire was connected.
What this does is make the whole toaster electrically dead when it is turned off, connect the wires the wrong way and the toaster is HOT when off and touching it and say the water faucet at the same time and it will ruin you day..

People being shocked and at times killed was what created polarity wiring.

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