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CU Woodshop Fall Open House *LINK*

Dick Coers
Took the 100 mile trip over to Champaign, IL for the open house at CU Woodshop today, they will be open tomorrow as well. I was disappointed a couple years ago, but thought what the heck, too much snow on the ground yet this morning to chase leaves. It was worth the trip to put my hands on a Shaper Origin hand-held CNC router. Saw it many times on the internet, always thought it was just a toy, and quickly discounted it. Today I was very impressed. As my work changes towards just making things for my Grandson, I may just have to get one of these. Something he and I can work together with. It'll take some mental justification though, it's a $2500 mini router that has only uses 1/8" and 1/4" collets. But the darned thing is very accurate. They just introduced a box joint program for it, with the aid of a DIY dovetail style fixture to hold the stock vertically. With the CNC accuracy, you can offset the cut by .001" if you want to adjust the fit. Also easy to do a roughing and finishing cut on the joinery. Might be nice for hinge mortising with another DIY holding fixture. I'll never see it as a production tool, but those days are now long gone for me!

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