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final hinge installation *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I have had the doors on and off several times for fitting. The mortise fully locates the door, while the screws just hold it in the mortise. So, for fitting I only install one screw, in this case a steel, 1/2" #6. (The steel screws have not been removed yet in PIC)Now that all is well the full compliment of 3/4" x#6 brass screws are installed. Once again, the band saw blade lube can't be beat for screw lube. It is sticky. I dab some on the threads and then mash the dab between fingers which distributes it in and around the threads. Screws drove effortlessly with no risk of shearing.

I am using a Grace #6 driver. This project has 10 hinges, 60 screws. This perfect fitting bit never lost grip. But the square handles suck. I turned them round with the lathe.

I wish someone would make a suitable screw driver for brass hinge screws. It needs parallel ground tip. and a round ergonomic handle. It does not need to deliver 100 ft pounds of torque; these are brass screws!

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