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Is this BS?

Barry Irby
I bought some Pergo Hardwood flooring at an auction for a friend. Going to the Lowe's website before the auction indicated more was available on order. After buying it I started to try to buy more.

Entered the Model No. into the Lowe's site and it came up at $2.50 sf. But then started to discover it was discontinued. Opened a second window and went to the Lowe's site and put int the entire product description and the search returned what appears to be the same or very similar flooring under a slightly different name at $4.99 sf. It's a different Model no.

Everything else is the same about the website. The list of reviews is the same. Both say 71% would recommend this product. And it's available.

What I am saying is somebody took a discontinued product out of the website and inserted a different product and left everything else alone. All the reviews are Identical.

I called Lowe's who sent me to Pergo, who sent me to Mohawk the parent company and talked to a bunch of clueless people. I checked to see if they have any left in their store that sells off the discontinued stuff. No joy.

How can they use the same web page for two differnt products. One of them is Pergo LSOW25-54 and the other is LSRO25-11. So, is this BS?

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