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Re: A method for installing glass in a door *LINK*

Jim Dillon
Looking very nice. I also am a fan of using small brass pins to fasten the battens to the frame. In fact, when I did my kitchen glass-fronted cabinets, and a china cabinet I used that approach. I think it adds an elegant touch and the brass looks nice against either a light or dark wood. Plus, as you mentioned, the pins can be removed if one ever has to replace the glass, heaven-for-bid. I used a method described by Chris Becksvoort to cut off-set tenons in the surrounding frame. This method, while somewhat fussy, also yields as "waste" the glass-retaining battens. This method was described in FWW #128 Jan/Feb 1998, pg 80 when he built a bookcase. It is also described in the Taunton Press paperback "In the Shaker Style", pg 66.

For the tool junkie who has everything, here is a link to a picture framing/glazier's hammer with a rotating head. Price aside, it actually works quite well to seat those pins.

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