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Replacing switches on 3hp General Dual Drum Sander

So have got to change the switches to my 3hp general dual drum sander. I'll run a piece through and the conveyor just stops. Tried blowing any dust away but that hasn't helped. I know I can replace the switch that will turn the drums on, it's the variable switch to the conveyor that I can't solve. I also don't know if the motor for the conveyor is AC or DC. So here's where I need help. I am going to remove all the existing switches(don't know how to attach picture of switch panel to this). For the drums I will put in a 20 amp safety switch. But what switching should I use for the conveyor motor?? Should I just use a regular 15 amp switch off a 15 amp 120v line and forget the variable speed, or is there some type of variable speed switch I can get?? Thanks for the help.

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