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Re: A method for installing glass in a door *PIC*

Bill Houghton, Sebastopol, CA
Very nice.

You can get tools to make that less scary; search the interweb for "picture frame brad setter." If you have a suitably sized pair of Channellock-type pliers (see picture), you can save the money and use them, with bits of wood to protect the work.

The last project I did involving glass installation in a frame, I used an approach I learned - if I recall correctly - from William Duffield, which involves making shims the thickness of the glass - strips of wood, cereal box cardboard stacked and taped together, whatever's quick and simple - and drilling holes for brass screws in the strips that hold the glass in place. The shims allow all the hole drill/screw driving to be done without the glass. Then remove the strips, install the glass, and put the screws back in place with nothing scarier than a screwdriver near the glass.

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