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Cutting boards/wooden ware finish revisited

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Attended the Southern Highlands Guild fall craft fair Thursday. (more woodworking than in the past, a good show)

Someone there makes woodenware, mostly from cherry. They saw their own stock for these wares (BTW cherry has gotten so cheap he is buying logs for $0.30 per board ft. )

We got engaged in a conversation of finishing wood stuff for the kitchen. He sells thousands of these pieces a year. What is used? Food grade linseed oil thinned some with food grade mineral oil. Submerge and soak overnight. Why do I mention it? Because about every time I recommend to use "any cooking oil" for this task there are objections that the result make the object "rancid".

While similar chemically, linseed oil is more chemically reactive than cooking oil. Any chemistry that occurs with cooking oil will occur to a greater extent/faster with linseed oil. If linseed oil is acceptable, corn oil will be too, and more readily available on the kitchen shelf.

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