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For those of you using Epoxy????

Barry Irby
I am building chairs using my Domino. As described before I made wide dominoes to match the width of the wide setting. I glued them up with System Three epoxy to get the long open time. There were 24 dominoes in 15 pieces. Lots of painting mortises and dominoes with glue. Lots of keeping the parts correctly positioned. I did the chairs one at a time, one each morning. The instructions said the glue takes 72 hours to reach full strength. There was some squeeze out and I spent time cleaning it up with a putty knife and a paper towel soaked in alcohol.

So, a couple of questions. How critical is the mix ratio? I used a micro scale and followed the directions, but wondered what happens if I missed it a gram or two? (20 gram batches)

The mix was thick and syrupy. I was surprised that where I missed the clean up on the first chair, it drooled several inches. Apparently I somehow failed to do any clean up on the first chair. My bad.

On the later chairs I cleaned up thoroughly. What I noticed was I would clean and then come back maybe thirty minutes later and find more squeeze out on joints I had cleaned. These joints appeared very tight and I was surprised the stuff found its way out. In one case it ran through the wood and came out of a tiny knot. I suspect it's the "piston effect" in the mortises. Is this normal?

Somebody "splain" epoxy to me.

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