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Restoring a Danish style chair *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Bought this chair in the early 70's. It remains sound. Just had it reupholstered. Finish was intact but dingy, with dings and crap stuck on here and there that I attribute to it living with children at the time.

If a piece has good finish and it is just dirty I wax with 4/0 wool. The solvent in the wax dissolves away gunge. If the finish is missing in small places from scratches and dings, I rub the whole down with 4/0 wool and linseed oil. The oil absorbs in the dull areas and blends the overall luster. In this example I did wool and oil.

Don't know what the wood is...teak? Wood is redder in PIC than reality.

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Restoring a Danish style chair *PIC*
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