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A source for Ceramic disks for bandsaw guides

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I have a Hammer N4400 bandsaw. This uses steel European guides. Felder do sell a replacement set of ceramic guides, but they are very big $$$ in Oz. Ceramic guides would reduce heat and be capable of being set closer to the blade for reduced movement/better stability.

It occurred to me that it would be possible to simply epoxy ceramic disks over the face of the steel bearings to achieve the same result. I am struggling to find parts that can be used.

Ideally, the disks need to have a diameter of 35mm and be around 1-2mm thick. The reason for this thickness is that there is not a lot of depth available at the sides. If this is not thick enough to minimise heat, please comment.

Here are pictures of the guides to illustrate. Note that there are two sets of guides, one above and one below the table ...

Any idea whether such disks can be purchased in small quantities? (I only need 6).

Regards from Perth


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