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Changing the color of factory kitchen cabinets

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
Hi all.

This past summer my daughter bought a house in Athens GA. I haven't been there yet to see it. I am driving down there (uhg) in a couple weeks.

The house was owned by a retired doctor and he had it built in the 1970's. The kitchen was redone in the late 90's or so. Maybe early 2000. Yes Barry, she had it inspected before buying. :)

I've only seen a couple cell phone pictures of the kitchen cabinets. They appear to be commercially made with probably some kind of factory sprayed finish. They also appear to be made out of maple and are very light.

She asked if they can be stained a darker color. I have no idea. I have no experience in this. My initial thought was that the current finish would need to be sanded so that whatever goes over it can bond to the old finish.

She has her PhD in soil sciences and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, but she isn't a woodworker either. No heavy duty tools, no spray equipment and so on. So, short of painting them, what could you all suggest as a way to put a darker finish on these cabinets? Is there a common product available at your typical big box store that a DIY'er can use to 'stain' these kitchen cabinets to a darker finish? Maybe there isn't, I don't know.

It's a pretty big kitchen with a lot of cabinets and a center island. Personally, I think I would learn to love light colored maple cabinets... :D

Thanks for any ideas and/or suggestions.

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