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Tools in Storage since 2011, but now I'm BACK!

David C. Lykins
Hello fellow wood workers and probably some luthiers. I had to move to Illinois in 2011....long story, and all my wood working tools have been in storage since then. I've just move back to Ga, Buford to be exact, and have a home where I can finally set up my shop. Unfortunately my tools were not in a climate controlled storage unit so I've spent several hours removing surface rust from the tables on my stationary tools. Fortunately I got the rust removed and am in the process of getting my shop set up.

Hopefully I'll soon have something I've completed to show. With that said, I was wondering if anyone in the Buford Ga area would have a planer or thickness sander that would let me run a rough cut guitar body through it. Usually I plane the individual body halves seperately before I join them, but I didn't have access to a planer and realized after I joined and glued the halves together one edge is not level with the rest of the guitar body and I need to glue a laminate top on.

Great to be back, if anyone could help me out with surface jointing or sanding my guitar body that would be greatly appreciated.

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Tools in Storage since 2011, but now I'm BACK!
Welcome Back David *NM*
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