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Re: OT - Bill Murray here, need help with moles

+++1 and a single mole can destroy an area of 15' X 15' with it's tunnels that destroy grass roots.

I agree that getting rid of the food source seems preferable, but considering you have to poison the grubs repeatedly, I wonder which is better environmentally. There is no shortage of moles in the world. A few less isn't going to cause any harm.

I feel the same way about all the animal that frequent my yard. I have a trail camera and have video of chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, opossoms, racoons, mink, groundhogs, ferral cats, ferral dogs, red fox, coyote, deer, hawks, owls, and turkey. This is a suburban place of 5 acres, 2/3 wood - 1/3 lawn/field surrounded by suburban neighborhood.

As long as the animals stay where they belong and do no damage I leave them alone and enjoy seeing them. When they encroach and start to do damage it's time to assert my right to handle the situation.

It is illegal, with hefty fines, to live trap and release the animal anywhere but where it was trapped in my state. Many of my neighbors have come to me with various nuisance wildlife problems. I live trap and dispose with the exception of opossoms. They are tick magnets and eat 97% of the ticks that get on them so I take the chance of releasing them on my plot (just across the street so esentially the same area - at least that would be my argument should I get caught releasing them).

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