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A home for my diamonds *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I don't spend much (too little) time on shop accessories. My diamond sharpening plates lived in grocery bags, not handily I might add. With the arrival of freshly surfaced plates I was motivated to give them a home.

The plate is laid onto some scrap of wood. Strips of wood are glued around its border as seen in the 3rd to the right box half. A second scrap of wood is glued to the top (don't forget to remove the plate before adding the top >( ). When glue is cured saw it in half on band saw. If you forget to remove the plate saw in half very carefully with a hand saw) Oil the back of the plate to keep for rusting, drop it in the box half and seal the joint with something (I used E 6000). Done!

It is so simple I could find the time to do it. And it used up scraps way to valuable to burn(yet).

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A home for my diamonds *PIC*
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