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Re: OT - Bill Murray here, need help with moles

Barry Irby
Years ago, I put down some sort of grub control and watered it in. Worked astonishingly well. Who knew there could be so many grubs? They actually stunk as they decomposed. The moles went nuts. Tunneling everywhere desperately searching. They finally went away.

Moles are relatively harmless, they are carnivores, eating grubs and worms. They are often followed by voles, little mouse like creatures who are opportunists, using the mole's tunnels and they eat the roots and bulbs off your plants, killing them.

I was once standing in my yard talking to a neighbor and saw the grass moving. Stomped it flat without comment. Neighbor later told me he thought I was having a seizure. After he left, I dug up the mole and trashed it.

I have also used the victor traps with the spikes that plunge down into them, with some success, but it takes patience to set the traps.

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