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What's this in the corner cupboard? *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Someone had to point out that there was "wasted" space beside the drawer that would be ideal for a secret compartment. I'm dithering while I wait for the overdue plans for a daughter's coffee table. Goaded into filling this space and time to spare I set about making flanking triangular boxes for each side of the drawer. I soon discovered I had forgotten how to lay out an angled dovetail. With less trials and errors than before 2 boxes were fashioned and sit snugged in band clamps till the glue sets. Once in place they will look like guides for the drawer.

Details of laying out are on the hand tool Forum, much lacking for applied woodworking.

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What's this in the corner cupboard? *PIC*
Nicely done, Bill :) *NM*
Close inspection.....
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