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Acclimatizing New hardwood Flooring

John W Foster

We took delivery of our new hardwood flooring the middle of last week. Every flooring manufacturer seems to recommend an acclimatization period before installation. I did a bit of online research and found a lot of so called experts suggest that we should progress not according to a specific time, but according to moisture content.

The flooring is solid walnut 4 1/2" wide, pre-finished with one of these supposed multi layer abuse resistant varnishes. The supplier does every step of the process from cutting the tree to delivery to the consumer. Apparently when we ordered ours there was a batch of walnut fresh out of the kiln and it was finished about a week and a half later.

I have read online that for flooring that is the width of ours we should wait until there is no more than a 2% difference in moisture between the flooring and the sub floor. According to my Timber Check meter the sub floor is 9% and the flooring is 6% or less ( the lowest the Timber Check reads ).

Should I wait for the 2% difference? how long will it take? We will soon be starting to run the forced air furnace which I assume will dry down the sub floor more quickly than waiting or the flooring to take on moisture.

We are patient people and don't really care about waiting if it is needed.

Any Advice?


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