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OT: Fire Hazard *PIC*

Stuart Johnson
A couple nights ago around 9:30 there was a loud bang. After a good half hour search neither my wife or I could find any problem. I even went up in the attic to be sure nothing happened with the a/c unit. This morning when I went to make some toast the toaster wouldn't work. In looking into the problem I found this:

Two items were plugged in, a toaster oven and toaster. The plug end is from the toaster oven. The photo doesn't show one of the prongs is burnt in half. Neither toaster was in use and the oven hadn't been used for a couple days.

What would cause this to happen? Would a power strip blow like this when there is no draw if it was old? I can replace the plug or entire cord on the toaster oven but what should I do to test that all is okay and what caused the issue. FWIW, the toaster oven is at least 25 years old and the destroyed power strip at least 10 if not 15 years old. Also, the main circuit breaker did not pop.

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