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Appalachian hardwood prices *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Shown is the log price list from a large local mill. Log prices tell us a lot about the hardwood lumber market, at least at the wholesale lumber level. Some of you are buying so far removed from this step in the food chain that the following may be irrelevant.

First note that ash and walnut are absent from the list. Ash is now extinct in my area. It's all dead and no longer a commercial species. Sad >(

Walnut is in such demand that the price is volatile and fluctuates almost daily. When walnut demand is high prices are high and quality sucks.

White and Chestnut oak are the other hot species. "WO Staves" is the price for logs suitable for barrel staves, currently a hot market, which drives up the price of white oak lumber.

The market for cherry has tanked. It is bringing the same price as red oak and not much more than crap grade logs for RR ties. This is a good time to stock up on cherry.

The cheapest lumber you can buy is poplar. The entry "peelers" is for poplar logs that will be peeled for veneer plywood cores. Currently there is no market for hickory logs to be sawed into lumber.

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