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Re: Some thoughts on requirements

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I have never built a drawer wider than 8 1/2 inches and never intend to. I need to dovetail a case side so seldom that it makes no economic time sense to build something that makes doing it 5 minutes easier.

Bill, this was my thinking as well. It seems as it everyone wants to build these very wide Moxon vises, somewhere around 24" (or more). My earlier Moxon came close to this, being close to 21" between the screws. In the current build, I resolved to make one for drawers, and the widest (height, that is) drawer is really not more than 8" ... so why make the Moxon wider than this?

I eventually built one to accomodate 450mm (17 3/4"), since I do also dovetail cases. The extra width is still well short of the previous Moxon, and does not take up much space under my bench.

With regard to using a F-clamp in place of a screw, as I mentioned earlier, while this would work, it is not a design I want to keep using. It would be fiddly to adjust. The whole idea behind a Moxon vise is to make work holding better, easier, and quicker. Do it once and do it right. You will be thankful later.

Regards from Perth


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