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Re: The Last Moxon Dovetail Vise

Barry Irby
Bill, I have been thinking of making such a vice for several years.

I have accumulated some things that might apply. I have several large threaded rods. Maybe 7/8 or 1" and a few matching nuts. These rods are 30" long, maybe 3'. If you are interested I would be happy to get details and would send you a rod and nuts, free. It appear that at my age I may not live long enough to use them so free to a good home seems like a good idea. You could make knobs to fit on the nuts, or buy nifty handles or have someone weld handles on the nuts.

I also have a kit for threading wood, also maybe an 1". If you like the idea of wooden threads, I would LOAN that to you. Again, ask and I will get the details. I am too lazy to walk down to the shed and shop for details unless you are interested.

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