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Re: Silicone Caulk Technique??

Keith Newton
Tom, if this is a large window, I would use a heavy bead in the jamb, and then press it in just enough to make contact all around, but still leaving a thick space between jamb and face of the glass. The outside panel of a large insulated expands and contracts quite a bit relative to temperature change. If the bead is too thin relative to the amount of movement, it will likely tear away from the jamb.

I usually just let the squeeze out dry, then knife it around the jamb, then single edge razor blade the glass face. Id rather not have to deal with a big wad of tape with all the goo contaminating my hands and potentially anything else it touches.

This may not be an issue on a small window, but up on a scaffold in the wind, those wet ribbons of tape can contaminate the wall or jamb causing future painting problems.

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