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Re: Silicone Caulk Technique??

GolfSteve in Calgary
When caulking tilework in a bathroom I had good success masking off where I want the silicone to go, then apply just the right amount of silicone, and follow up with a radiused rubber squeegee (available in the silicone or tile section of your hardware store for this purpose, about $5)

Remove the tape before the silicone sets. If you've applied just the right amount of silicone to match the area that you've masked off, you end up with a perfect feathered silicone edge.

If you apply too much silicone, or the masked area is too small for the radius of the squeegee, then when you remove the tape you will be left with a raised lip on the silicone edge. Maybe not a problem, but it is an area where dust will collect.

For touching up those troublesome corners where you inevitably accidently make a mess, using mineral spirits on a wet finger works well.

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