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Jim Dillon
Gerry, thanks for the heads-up on jazzgroove. As a fan of 60-70's vintage jazz, I had never heard of this streaming site. Currently evaluating its basic service, and will decide on upgrading or not. As an aside, Calm Radio has a nice selection of piano jazz (classical is superb) but not as broad as jazzgroove seems to be. The sound quality (320K) of Calm Radio is excellent, but jazzgroove seems to offer the same - at a (non-free) subscription price. Again, thanks for post.

In response to the OP, in the shop I listen to vintage country (Patsy Cline), jazz (Bill Evans), and classical (Bach Unaccompanied Cello) on my (now-discontinued) Logitech Radio connected to my Vizio soundbar/subwoofer or vintage Radioshack receiver/rebuilt AR-3 speakers. Shows my age, I guess ;) Jim

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