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DeWalt 60V/20V tools review

Mike L
Well I had a chance to play with the last of the 60V/20V tools, the chain saw.

I bought a String trimmer / blower / and chain saw with extra batteries.

First the batterys are a lot bigger and heaver. They are 9amp hours at 20V and 3 at 6the

The string trimmer. I charged a battery inserted it and away I went. I trimmed my entire yard around trees drive way sidewalks etc. It lasted the entire time, I used it four times before the battery said it was low.

The Blower uses a lot more power, but I can clean off my entire driveway sidewalks after mowing then a few days of blowing off the decks and sidewalks of leaves. This is nice because all I do is pick it up hit the trigger and away I go. I use it a lot more than I ever did my gas one.

The chainsaw I received first died after one cut. The chain brake switch went bad and would not allow the chain to move. I just received my replacement today and had a fully charged battery ready to go.

I knocked over several trees and popped out a few bushes with my little tractor. I cut up all the trees trimmed a few branches and cut down two more. When I checked the amount of power left in the battery it had two bars out of three. It has plenty of power the chain is sharp and easy to adjust. It has plastic adjustment knobs that seem sort of weak to me, but time will tell. There are no prawls on it to help bite into a log, but I really don't think it needs them.

All in all I know I will use these more than I ever did there gas cousins.

If you are on the fence about using battery operated tools larger then a drill I would highly recommend these.

Thanks for the advice Mike

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