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William Duffield
I have an old Pioneer Digital Stereo Speaker System for an iPod, Model XW-NAS3-K. It sits on top of my shop refrigerator. It has a 3.5 mm stereo input jack and several other inputs. I rarely use the iPod port on top. I usually play music from iTunes on my MacBookAir via it's stereo output jack. When the player gets dusty or covered with cobwebs, for example when I need to read the model number off the back, I just blow the whole thing off with compressed air.

My choice of music is probably as unique as the next septuagenerian woodworker: I listen to a lot of classic orchestral and piano music, from Vivaldi and Bach through the Russian (and other) romantics to Phillip Glass, and some classic rock. My favorites, however, are Thomas Bergersen and Two Steps From Hell. There is more, but that's a pretty good summary.

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