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Best Surface for Portable Mini Golf

John W Foster
I am thinking about building a set of portable mini golf holes as a feature for community events. my very rough concept so far is to have sturdy 2x3 or 2x4 bases with plywood surfaces and side boards to keep the balls in play. The holes would be made in 2 or 3 sections never more than 8' long for portability and ease of storage. The sections may fit together in line or at an angle, and the "hazards" (humps, challenging obstacles, etc.) would probably be located at the joints to minimize the effects of imperfect transitions between sections. I am still pondering surface materials. I have seen just painted plywood, but I would worry that it would be too "fast" and that the ball would not "hold" where it stops and might resume rolling too easily with wind or vibration. There are special "golf green fabrics" available, but they are a lot of money. What about low pile indoor outdoor carpeting? I even wondered about low slope roll roofing, the asphalt surface would be non traditional, but it might provide about the right rolling resistance and would adhere to the plywood substrate.
Has anyone ever built their own mini golf, and do you have any input?



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