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OT Dryer venting

Mike L
Howdy All

Before we moved in we had the house inspected. One of the problems noted was a dryer hose disconnected from the exhaust run. Yesterday my wife was doing laundry and the dryer was not working so good to dry clothes. So I went under the house to see if the hose was hooked up. It was, so I popped it off to see what I could see. Well the run is around 20 feet or so to the side wall. I noticed what looks like a nest of some sort in it. It is all 4 inch metal piping. I have a vent cleaning brush that will reach all the way to the exhaust so I can evict what ever is living in it (if anything). My question is I think I need to put a booster fan on the exhaust run because of 3 elbows and a 20 foot run. The chooses I have is a current switched fan or a pressure switched fan.

Anyone have experience with either of these? I am looking at getting an indirect fan so the lint will not go though the fan. It will be under the house hanging from a joists. Wiring is easy to get to if any of that makes a difference.


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