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Explanation Needed

Doug Reynolds
I am a child of children of the Great Depression. Can't throw stuff away and cannot understand why things just cannot be "fixed"! Have we become a disposable society.

I am sure someone with a business background can explain this to me. I have two sets of cordless drill/drivers and, impact driver. Dewalt and Panasonic. The tools themselves are in excellent shape. The batteries won't hold a charge for more than a day or two. Had both for a decade or more. Hobbyist woodworker so they don't get daily use. Have to remember to charge them the night before I plan to use them.

I had the two Dewalt batteries rebuilt as an experiment. Why does it cost almost as much to rebuild the batteries as it does to just buy a whole new kit?

I assume the idea is that we just buy new tools instead of replace the batteries. Does any company make tools where the batteries between tools are interchangeable?

This situation reminds me of shop vacs. Seems the makers have not standardized the hose and tool sizes either.

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