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Mike L
Well all the Pods are unloaded into my garage and some parts of the house. We are going to take it slow and easy setting up the new place. We will empty a few boxes at a time and put the contents where they will live.

So no hurry setting up my shop area just yet. I do have a few questions I would like to ask of those that use the garage as a shop and a garage.

I do a lot of automotive work. I am restoring a 68 Mustang Coupe currently. The body is over there and over there and some over there. The engine and tranny are the same way. I am doing the body work welding using torch and Mig. I also want to park in my garage. I have a GT500 that I don't want to leave outside days on end.

I figure almost all my WW tools are on casters so I can move them in and out of the way as needed.

The garage is around 1100 SQFT so I have a lot of room to play around.

So with grinding metal saw dust and just about anything else going on in the garage how should I protect my WW tools. Canvas tarps? Cloth Tarps?

Storing the small stuff will be in cabinets the previous owner left me, so that should be safe.

The auto welding etc tools I figure are safe uncovered. Yes No?


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